The Male Wives of Beastmen I by Molag Val

Molag Val
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Rough and rustic beastmen seek out the men of human villages to mate and impregnate! Three full hot and heavy gay beastmen stories featuring a gnoll, wolfman and tribal lizard chieftain! Anthro on human. Mpreg. Dark Fantasy.

"The handsome men of the human villages fall wildly in lust and love with big, rustic beastmen! Hailing from woods, mountains and swamps, a gnoll, a wolfman and a lizard chieftain seek out the men of their fancy and mate them, even impregnating them with their children! A complete anthology of three different flavors of beastman love with rough, wet and wild gay sex and impregnation."

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The Male Wives of Beastmen I by Molag Val

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